Facts about door to door

Door-to-door in Numbers

  • 34% of businesses record an increase in response rates through door-to-door34%
  • 42% of businesses find door-to-door effective42%
  • 48% of businesses claim door-to-door is crucial to their marketing mix48%
  • 62% of consumers showed interest or bought a product after a campaign62%
  • 79% of consumers find materials distributed useful79%
  • 88% of businesses feel that door-to-door boosted the brand’s awareness88%

Perception vs. Reality

Perception: “People do not pay attention to materials distributed door-to-door.”

Reality: Research shows that as many as 79% of people keep, pass on or look at the material distributed at their door. 38% keep it for at least a few days and 13% keep it for a week or more.

Perception: “People do not find materials distributed door-to-door useful.”

Reality: Research shows that 62% claimed that they found the materials, samples, coupons and offers useful.

Perception: “Door-to-door distribution does not impact the effectiveness of a campaign.”

Reality: 88% of respondents said that door drop campaigns boosted the brand’s awareness and that 48% of consumers visited a shop, asked for information or bought a product after receiving a flyer at their home.

Perception: “Door-to-door distributions have very low response rates.”

Reality: 30% recorded an increase in the average response rates from door-to-door distributions over the past 12 months.

Perception: “Door-to-door distribution doesn’t work.”

Reality: 42% of respondents claimed that door-to-door are a crucial part of their company’s overall media mix.

Perception: “Door-to-door distribution is less effective than direct mail, TV or press.”

Reality: Unaddressed distributions are rated as having a higher ROI than online, press, TV and radio advertising, with 34% saying that this medium is very effective.

Perception: “Door-to-door distribution is harmful to the environment.”

Reality: The carbon footprint of direct mail is around 50grams of C02 per piece, which compared to other activities is quite low. Leisure activities like watching TV, taking a trip or using a dishwasher account for a large percentage of consumer’s total carbon footprint. Apart from that, we encourage businesses to put the ‘recycle’ logo on their material to remind users to keep campaigns as green as possible.

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