why door to door?

A powerful and cost-effective marketing channel

Door-to-door distribution is one of the most powerful, penetrating and flexible direct marketing methods that can be used to advertise products and services, circulate information and product samples, promote seasonal offers, build a strong brand, elicit customer response or build customer databases.

school-business-managent.jpgDoor-to-door is not only cost-effective; it is also able to communicate your message directly to potential clients. In a World where we’re continually bombarded with advertising, it’s easy to dismiss most commercial messages. However, materials sent door-to-door are received at the comfort of one’s own home and read leisurely at one’s own free time, making it more likely for people to keep your message in mind.

Door-to-door campaigns make an immediate impact and generate greater response, measured by an increase in sales leads and general enquiries; achieve cost-effective market coverage and allow you to target only specific areas that fit your audience’s demographics.

Advantages of Door-to-Door

Long-lasting Impact

Households have only one letterbox, so people are more likely to notice your leaflet, pick it up and check it out. Research shows that the majority of people keep materials for a while or pass them on to friends or relatives who would find the material relevant.


Research indicates that around half of consumers visited a business, asked for information or bought a product after receiving a flyer at home.


If your target audience can be described well geographically, door-to-door could be your best marketing option. Lifestyle targeting can also be used to identify geographic areas containing higher proportions of your target audience.


We don’t have any restrictions about the materials distributed. As long as the item fits in a regular mailbox, it can be distributed.

Appealing to customers

Research shows that most consumers find the promotions, samples and coupons received both appealing and useful.

Cost - effective

Door-to-door is substantially more cost-effective than normal post, especially when delivering high-information content or large publications.


Unlike other forms of advertising, through this channel, you can send out a lot of information at one go.


A good door-to-door campaign produces measurable responses including increased sales and general enquiries, which could be used to analyse the business generated per mailshot.

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